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Lisa Moser | NPC Fitness and Women’s Physique Competitor
No one does cardio quite like The Cardio Boss. His routines are truly state of the art for burning excess calories, for conditioning, losing unwanted fat, and leaning out. Though not easy to perform—as it should be, the routines work the entire body to some degree, and when it’s over you’ll know you have been trained by the best. I have tried several different types of cardio routines, however, these cardio sessions are full of variety and various degrees of difficulty, yet they are still fun to do and will give you a feeling of true accomplishment when it’s over. These cardio routines have helped me to be in the best physical shape as I could have ever imagined—even in my 40’s. Stronger, with amazing stamina, and endurance to be able to go the distance in all of my workouts, as well as tackle my tough and stressful daily life. I have felt tired and lethargic in the past due to being overweight,  but the Cardio Boss helped me to slim down to look and feel my best. I have also incorporated his cardio into my half marathon training as well, and my pace has improved, as well as my times, and running feels good, and comfortable. I continue to PR my races. There are all sorts of cardio programs out there that claim to deliver, but none deliver quite as well as the Cardio Boss. SIMPLY, it is cardio training at its BEST!
-Lisa Moser, NPC Fitness and Women’s Physique

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Charisse Nicole Allen | Master Sergeant, United States Air Force 
August 2008 I was assigned to Hill AFB, Utah. The moving truck carrying our family belongings from Texas to Utah caught on fire and everything we owned was destroyed. We lost everything.
Shortly after the move I became severely ill and ended up in the hospital for a few weeks. I was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism. My lungs were covered in blood clots, and I was one breath away from dying. For the next two years I was placed on blood therapy, including blood thinners to dissolve the clots. This was the most frightening experience I’ve ever had. It made me hesitant to do any physical activity, meanwhile, I was gaining roughly 10lbs a month. By October 2010 I had topped the scales at 224 pounds. I was always in denial of my weight, so once I reached 207 pounds I stopped weighing myself. I was comfortable ignoring it until I saw a photo of myself on a girls night out outing. I was literally in shock.

The meds I’d been prescribed were no longer needed, I was given a choice to stay on them or stop but I continued because I felt as long as I was on them, I would not die. I was simply living in fear. I took a stand and started to wean myself off, and started to incorporate gym time and a healthier lifestyle. I started walking on my lunches just about 2 miles a day, and doing a night session of cardio, after the kids were asleep. By June 2011, I was down to 165, and I was very happy. I accomplished this by 80% cardio, and 20% random weightlifting. There was no rhyme or reason in my selection of foods I just watched what I ate. I maintained my weight for about a year.

Over time my military uniform began to get snug, I did what I always did–ignore it! I was going out more, drinking more, and thought my little three times a week of workouts would make up for the unhealthy habits I was picking back up. August 2013 I was on a Florida vacation, and once again as the tagged photos of social media started to surface from the trip, my eyes became big as saucers. I was humiliated by what I witnessed. I MADE myself go to my bathroom and get on the scale. The magic number? 199.8!!! My thoughts?? “Oh dear God, how could I weigh this much again!!!!” I WAS ANGRY WITH MYSELF!!!!

I needed help, and I knew at 33 years old and apparently what I did on my own was not enough. I knew I needed a trainer/nutritionist if I was going to attempt to do this yet again. A dear friend of mine, who was a fitness competitor, suggested I give her trainer, Mike Davies of Fitness Factory a try. I did my research, and saw IFBB this, IFBB that, and was like “what the heck, I’m not anywhere close to these women. They seemed to be chiseled out of stone.” But, I went for it!!

Mike developed a special plan for me, designed my workouts, and discussed my goals, wants, and needs. He’s not a very sensitive man, and will not tell you what you need to hear, which worked for me! He fueled my motivation, and in return I gave it all I got.

The Nutrition Plans are simple to follow. At times it felt like too much food. His training/cardio plans are KILLERS!!! I never quit, I stuck with it. The importance of weight training, cardio, plus nutrition is key! It all works together, and you must trust your trainer in the process.

October 11, 2014 I competed in my first bodybuilding competition, and graced the stage at an amazing 129 lbs. I placed top 10, and I was so very proud of myself.

Through this all, I have changed, adopted a healthier lifestyle, fitness friends for life, and self-control. It would not have been possible without me believing in myself. Without my family believing in me. Or without Mike Davies taking me under his wing.

NEVER GIVE UP!!! STAY MOTIVATED!!! -Charisse Nicole Allen, Master Sergeant, United States Air Force – Mother of 3 Children: 14 year old son and 6 year old twin girls

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Amber Stevens | Cardio Boss Success Story
I found myself tipping the scales at nearly 300 pounds at 5’3, going from a size 7/8 to a size 26. I’ve lost over 100 pounds by weight training and following these nutritional plans and cardio programs. I never would have been able to conquer such an emotional, mental and physical challenge alone. The knowledge, expertise, personalization, and support I have received is unparalleled and cannot be found flipping through fitness magazines or following crazed diets, trust me I’ve tried and failed drastically. I still have some ways to go but I’m certain I will reach my ultimate goal by continuing to follow these programs.”
-Amber Stevens

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Millie Evans | Runner
Fitness is a lifestyle not a trend! It took me some time to realize you need to add cardio, and not just any cardio. Being overweight in the past and doing very simple exercises, I decided to keep fighting to be fit. I am a runner and have included The Cardio Boss’ programs in my daily fitness regime and have notice a huge difference in my endurance along with weight loss, I have shaved 17min off my best time, which is huge for a runner. I love how his cardio programs uses practical gym equipment with a twist providing a variety in speed and intensity the programs offering your body the most efficient fat burning within a 45-60min window. The cardio programs have taken my endurance to another level. I am not just running on treadmill for cardio. “You can’t run yourself skinny” per the Cardio Boss’ advice, and its true eat clean and train hard. I mixed up the cardio challenge myself to incorporate the programs and love the change I see and feel I am elevated !!!
-Millie Evans

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Andrea Beam | IFBB Bikini Pro
The Cardio Boss’s workouts ROCK. I LOVE CARDIO! You don’t typically hear that because a lot of people dread it however… if you keep the end in mind, which is how it makes you feel and just as important (to me) how it will make you look then you can’t go wrong. The cardio workouts formulated are not only challenging but they are strength, endurance and stamina building as well. They make you feel good, keep you moving (piece to piece of equipment sometimes), and they also shape/enhance ALL areas of your body by tightening and toning, just look at my before and after pictures. As a result, I have recently achieved a personal goal which was to earn my pro card in competitive bodybuilding. Before using the cardio boss, I would jump on a piece of equipment and go go go for 30+ minutes yet I never saw any change. CHANGE is Guaranteed IF you put forth the effort and do it. They truly are fun… give them a try!
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Heather Ruelan | UFE Pro Physique Athlete & Mom
When I started training with The Cardio Boss, I had been able to lose my pregnancy weight on my own but had done it by endless hours of long, flat boring runs on the treadmill. This along with improper nutrition left me “skinny” with no shape and I was getting burnt out mentally..FAST!! These cardio plans kept me physically challenged daily and engaged in variety of exercises that helped give me “shape” as well as the ability to compete in various athletic events and be competitive on stage as well!- Heather Ruelan

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Pamela Greshock | Mom & NPC Figure Competitor
The Cardio Boss !!!! I can’t say enough great things about his program and training! Before this, I was sort of just doing things haphazardly. I was looking through magazines and books following bits and pieces of different programs I thought looked good or ‘easy’ lol. Well, my body really looked exactly like what I had been doing..there was not a ‘complete’ look. I had some strong points to my physique but there was something really missing. After a while, I realized my heart was in the right place but what my body (and mind) were lacking was a sound program with solid structure! Shortly after starting The Cardio Boss’ one of a kind cardio programs things really started coming together. I not only had the coaching I needed in front of me everyday but I had the peace of mind that things were tailored for getting my body in the best shape without worrying of over training or becoming ‘skinny fat’. Throughout my competitive years I stuck to his assigned cardios never missing a beat and I was in the best shape of my life! I went from wanna be figure competitor to top 5 national level competitor in a very very short time. There’s no question in my mind that his programming was the missing piece of my physique puzzle!
Pamela Greshock Mom and NPC National Level Figure Competitor

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Deliris Montanez | Career Woman & NPC Figure Competitor
My name is Deliris Montanez (Dee), 43 years old. My current occupations are Federal Agent with Department of Homeland Security and a Logistics Planner with a Multinational Joint Logistics Task Force in the Pacific. I have been under The Cardio Boss’s wings since 2007 and it has been the best investment I have ever done for my health, fitness and well being in and out. Anyone can lift weights and do cardiovascular sessions but these cardio programs are beyond belief. I have gone through numerous strenuous physical academies which were very intense but his cardio sessions if done correctly: (1) they will target specific areas customized to your weaknesses or areas you need to focus on (2) they will leave you grasping for air but in a good way. If you still don’t believe me, just give these cardio sessions a try and then be hooked like I have been over the years. The variety within the cardio programs are amazing and always keep you excited and challenged for what’s next. – Deliris Montanez Career Woman and NPC Figure Competitor

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Allura Fernandez | NPC Bikini Competitor
I am a planner by nature. I plot out almost every aspect of my life, but when it came to my workouts it was always difficult for me to make a plan and fully implement it. I would show up to the gym with a purpose: do cardio, but that’s where the planning would end. Sure I could jump on the treadmill and tell myself, okay run 3 miles. Or I’d hop on an elliptical and set a goal to go for 45 minutes, but I just wasn’t achieving that high intensity, sweat session I was looking for. It all changed very quickly when I began training with The Cardio Boss. I love that the programs give a clear and concise plan of what needs to be done so I can walk into the gym, get it done, and check it off my list for the day. Not only is it convenient knowing exactly what I need to do for that workout, it’s also like having a coach with you 24/7. Having a program laid out for you makes it so much harder to quit or skimp out. I am able to push myself and don’t allow myself to stop or give in until the program is complete. The programs were a lifesaver during my prep for my first NPC bikini competition; it was like they became my bible. Without the programs during my prep I don’t know how I would have got myself to the gym everyday and given all I had. Thanks to the programs I knew Iwas giving 100% and at the end of the day, no matter what I placed at my show, I could say that no one worked harder than me. The programs are challenging, they will force you out of your comfort zone and make you do things you did not think you were capable of, but that is the beauty of them. You are able to watch yourself improve each week and the programs that seemed impossible soon became achievable. With the programs, and the help of Mike’s nutrition plans I was able to lose around 40lbs and fulfill my dream of competing. My journey has just begun and I don’t know where it is going to take me, but I do know that no matter where I go the cardio programs will always be a part of my day.
Allura Fernandez, NPC Bikini Competitor
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Angie Myers & Erick Stewart | Group Fitness Instructor
As a person who went from being a college athlete to a sedentary adult with a job, responsibilities, and an extra 20 pounds I needed something that would keep me motivated and active without getting bored of the same old thing. Cardio programs with The Cardio Boss changed everything for me. I had challenging cardio sessions at my fingertips that gave me a program to look forward to every time and I didn’t have to think about. I was never bored nor let down by the challenge. Every program has a little different twist to keep my body guessing. I ended up being in the best shape of my life after my competitive soccer days were done and it motivated me to stay on track. I now have the energy and fitness level to jump in a 5k anytime I want with a good chance of placing or spend a day biking with my family. I even teach group fitness classes with so much easy it looks effortless from my participants’ point of view. As someone who never had a real love for getting on a piece of equipment to get my heart rate up this program was the answer!

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Brooke Reece | Figure Competitor
The Cardio Boss’ programs are amazing!! These handcrafted cardio programs will whip you in shape and keep you entertained at the same time. There is so much versatility and variety in each of them, that you will never get bored again. Before you know it, the time is gone and you’re done. I owe a lot to him for getting me in the best shape of my life. Mike Davies, the creator of the cardio boss, is more than a trainer. He truly cares about all his clients and I’m glad to have the privilege to call him a friend. – Brooke Reece
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Monica Gallagher | NPC Figure Competitor & Mom
The cardio programs I’ve been given while training with The Cardio Boss have helped sculpt my legs, glutes, and most importantly, my heart. I am in better shape than I was when I did 60 minutes of boring machines or classes. It’s nice to have a minute by minute program that is detailed. A 35 minute cardio ends up going by faster than a tedious run, boring bike ride, or having a plan that leaves you on the same machine day after day. They’re challenging but doable. I used to hate cardio but I love all of my programs and tend to want more cardio now! Crazy  – Monica, Mom and NPC Figure Competitor

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Brittany McIntyre | NPC National Level Bikini Competitor

Your cardio programs have definitely helped me with getting my butt the smallest it has ever been during training, and the most lifted it’s ever been. My legs have benefited as well, becoming much tighter than they have ever been. The cardio programs work because they have a purpose and are specifically designed to focus on target areas, us ladies need the most work, while also forcing you to have your heart rate in the zone necessary for optimal fat burning. You help take away all the guesswork and make cardio creative, fun and challenging with your programs.

Brittany McIntyre NPC National level Bikini Competitor

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Kristy Fenster | Mom and NPC National Figure Competitor
I have been training with The Cardio Boss for about 13 years. I live 10 hours away, so utilizing the programs at my finger tips was essential. There is no one like it when it comes to training. The Cardio Boss has taken me from a college cheerleader to an exceptional athlete placing in first call outs more than once to date at pro qualifiers such as the USAS to being published in some of the most prestigious fitness magazines in the country such as Muscle, Fitness and Oxygen magazine. The Cardio Boss took the flaws in my physique and through consistency and progression, has completely transformed my conditioning, symmetry, and way of life. The Cardio Boss mentorship is something I value more than they will ever know. There is nobody in this industry like the Cardio Boss. He is a one of a kind.  – Kristy Fenster Avery  Mom and NPC National Figure Competitor

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